Stalkers Have Usually Venerable Car Tracking Apps to Harass Victims

Stalkers Have Usually Venerable Car Tracking Apps to Harass Victims

Christine Dowdall says her ex-husband used an app on her Mercedes-Benz to stalk her every movement. Love many diversified vehicles, her vehicle came outfitted with a tracking system that will well per chance well be accessed from the mobile phone which permits car householders to safely and without considerations gain a stolen or lost car. Some domestic violence consultants declare these particular aspects are being weaponized to annoy and stalk females in abusive relationships. Dowdall says she reached out to Mercedes-Benz asking them to grab away her ex-husband’s receive entry to to the app. She says Mercedes-Benz informed her they might well per chance well pause nothing since he became the automobile’s registered proprietor. Mercedes-Benz says they can’t touch upon particular particular person scenarios but considers considerations address this on case by case basis. They also declare their tracking feature is supposed to search out lost or stolen vehicles and they can now not relieve an eye on it being misused for diversified purposes. Internal Edition’s Lisa Guerrero has extra.

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